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BNT Heritage Award Recipient 

Jun 15, 2023

WA Awarded Heritage Education Certificate For WASP

Warwick Academy was awarded with a heritage education certificate for WASP. The heritage education certificate is an award given to schools for the programs, projects or initiatives that show care for the natural and cultural heritage of Bermuda.

The following is an exert explaining the reason behind the award:

Warwick Academy for their Seahorse Project, which aims to conserve and restore Bermuda’s seahorse population. This project is led by Deana Friesen and is a collaboration between the Warwick Academy Marine Science Facility, the Aquarium and the community at large. It began in Spring 2022 and they are working to a 5-year conservation plan set out by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Warwick Academy presently has a seahorse club of 15 students, along with 3 community volunteers, who conduct regular surveys at sites around the island.

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