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2023 Bermuda Sandcastle Competition 

Sep 9, 2023

WASP Enrichment Club Spreads Awareness During Competition

A team of WASP Enrichment Club Students entered the Bermuda Sandcastle Competition in order to help raise awareness of Bermuda's seahorses. The team consisted of WA students Lillian Collette, Lizzy Totten, Sophie McClure, Siena Walters, Savana Walters and Elle Fontanetta.

Despite this being their first attempt at sandcastle building, the team won first place in the children's category! Even better still, members of the team were interviewed by the Royal Gazette and made the local news, where they got to share why they were competing!


The following is an excerpt from the article:

One team of young people entered the competition to raise awareness about the island’s seahorse population and efforts to protect them with a sand sculpture of a seahorse giving birth.
Lilian Collette said: “In Bermuda seahorses are endangered so the Warwick Academy Seahorse Project is trying to help spot them and see if we can help them in any way.”
Sophie McClure added: “This is to help get people to notice and see that we are here so they can support if they want and help.”

CLICK HERE to read the full article.

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